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Barrett’s Expertise on Preventative Roofing Maintenance

Barrett Roofing provides quality roofing maintenance from a company you can trust. Your roof is under constant strain from the elements daily, constantly causing deterioration that over time will erode your investment. UV rays from the sun break down most roofs, the wind stretches and pulls at the top layer of materials, water seeps into the smallest of crevices, expanding and compressing as water freezes and thaws. Safe to say there is no way to stop nature, however, preventative maintenance will help to protect your roof.

At Barrett, we are experts at preventive maintenance programs early on to diagnose where potential problems may occur. This step is critical in prolonging the life of your roof and limiting emergency repairs. Emergency repairs cost more than scheduled maintenance. We all know what it feels like to have an old roof during an oncoming rain storm or winter snow. Water damage can be incredibly expensive and time consuming to complete repairs and can be avoided with the right roof maintenance program.

As the roofing industry improves to incorporate technology we can now predict where the issues with your roof will occur. However these predictions only go so far, and it is still critical to keep up with maintenance. The best way to prolong your roof’s life is through regular inspection to quickly and effectively repair any and all issues as they occur.

According to the national roofing association, 35% of all roofs fail to meet their life expectancy. Reportedly 47% of roof failure is due to poor workmanship and lack of routine maintenance. The rest of the failure is divided between poor design, faulty materials, weathering and mechanical damage. HVAC maintenance at the roof can provide opportunities for workers to damage the roof. With this information in mind, the crucial importance of preventive maintenance becomes that much more apparent.

Barrett has an entire division dedicated to the care and maintenance of your roof. While it is always easiest to provide maintenance for roofs we have installed, Barrett’s maintenance team can protect any and all roofs without disrupting your current roof warranty.  The key to our success is training by every major roofing material manufacturer and becoming certified installers of their products. Scheduled inspections, making sure all maintenance is kept up-to-date. These inspections will tell you where issues currently exist and where they may occur. Initially, these inspections may seem like an unnecessary expense, however replacing an entire roof is significantly more costly.

It’s easy to forget about maintenance, thinking a warranty will cover any issues before the end of a roof’s lifetime. However, these warranties are usually voided if the customer fails to perform regular maintenance. This maintenance is more than just checking for leaks and debris, it is checking for excessive wear, holes and a variety of other possible problems. Roofing professionals are some of the only people who are going to have the expertise to carry out these inspections in a safe and thorough manner.

Realistically, the cost of a roof maintenance program should be included in your roofing budget. Regular maintenance will extend the lifetime of your roof and save you money at the same time. When choosing a maintenance provider like Barrett, your overall roofing needs as well as any waterproofing needs will be taken care of by experienced professionals, not just any maintenance man. Investing a few dollars annually can save you hundreds, if not thousands over the lifetime of your roof. Important to remember, the cost of your roof maintenance program is tax deductible. Check with your finance manager to make sure maintenance is included in your roofing budget.

For more information about our roof maintenance program, call the professionals at Barrett Roofing today.